Partnership with WWF –

Today WWF launches the food concept One Planet Plate – meals that fit within one planet and are compatible with the Paris agreement goal of maximum 1.5 degrees of global warming. The concept also benefits biodiversity. Food suppliers, restaurants and schools are now preparing to try the concept. In order for private consumers to gain control over their emissions, WWF also launches a digital food calculator (Matkalkylatorn), developed by CarbonCloud. 

It is easy for the user to specify what they will have for lunch or dinner by pulling different sliders in the calculator for meat, legumes and vegetables. A meal with a large steak, rice and cream sauce will definitely show red. A plate with lots of legumes and vegetables will probably show green and reach the goal of limiting the emissions to 0.5 kg carbon dioxide equivalents, says Anna Richert, Food Expert WWF

It is tremendously inspiring that WWF chooses CarbonCloud as their technical partner in their new food concept One Planet Plate. It shows that they have high confidence in both our competence within the climate impact of food, and in our ability to build efficient and user-friendly digital tools for the future food and restaurant industry, says David Bryngelsson, CEO CarbonCloud

CarbonCloud, responsible for the development of Matkalkylatorn, started as a research project at Chalmers University of Technology and David Bryngelsson, CEO and co-founder, has for a long time done research on the climate issue, focusing on the food sector. An important driver behind the start-up of CarbonCloud is to contribute to more sustainable food habits, which also is the point of departure for the WWF One Planet Plate concept:

Eating is pleasurable, essential and good. We see an enormous potential in more flavorful, tastier and healthier meals, where plant protein is the base and meat is the spice. Everybody would be a winner if we ate less but better meat and more plant based food; the planet, the animals and us, says Håkan Wirtén, secretary-general, WWF.

CarbonCloud and their climate labeling service CarbonAte help restaurants calculate the climate impact of each ingredient they use when cooking and also give the customer a lucid climate calculation for each dish presented on the menu. CarbonCloud is also since autumn 2017 part of EIT Climate – KIC’s EU-financed company accelerator for start-ups that work with solutions to the climate problem. 

For more information, please contact:

David Bryngelsson, CEO CarbonCloud
Telephone: +46 (0)704 – 40 21 25