Estrella takes a stand for climate transparency with CarbonCloud


CarbonCloud welcomes Estrella to the fast-growing community of forward-thinking food companies, acting for increased transparency of climate footprints. Estrella are going live in early 2021 with their climate-labeled snacks.

CarbonCloud offers a science-based web tool to calculate and communicate the climate footprints of food products with a label on the packaging. CarbonCloud thinks that this should be the standard, giving consumers the means to make a conscious decision, and food companies the tools to support the transition to sustainable food production. 

“We are happy to have a forward-thinking and climate-aware company like Estrella joining our quest for a sustainable food industry”, says the CEO of CarbonCloud, David Bryngelsson, Ph.D. 

He and his team have been working closely with Estrella to make sure their calculations are accurate and can be compared to other food producers with a common yardstick. 

Josefin Hugosson, Trade & CSR Marketing Manager at Estrella, says: “We have been working with sustainability for years, and for us, it is a top priority to do good stuff! But we also want to improve how we communicate our achievements and what we are working on right now. Through emphasizing our sustainability work we hope to inspire other businesses in our field and at the same time make our consumers aware of the climate footprint of snacks.

The push for climate labels and transparency in the food industry is gaining traction among both producers and consumers. “It is impressive to see how much work Estrella has put into shaping a greener snack,” says David Bryngelsson and is eager to point out that this is just the beginning of an exciting partnership for climate improvement. The tool will now enable Estrella to communicate their hard work in an objective way and inspire more businesses to follow.

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