Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre stipend

Today CarbonCloud was awarded a stipend from The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre for its innovation CarbonAte, the climate labelling tool that makes it easy for restaurants to calculate the climate impact of food and for their customers to make sustainable choices.

The stipend of 100 000 SEK is yet another proof that CarbonCloud’s climate labelling tool CarbonAte is a timely product that helps the company reach an ever more mature market that demands a simple and pedagogical climate labelling of food.

What we choose to eat makes a large difference for the climate. This is a well-established fact in the research community, but we felt that those who make the decisions about food, both those who prepare it and those who consume it, did not have the right information available. We saw that awareness about sustainable choices related to what we eat grew but that there were no simple tool that clearly shows what climate impact is associated with what we put on our plats. Our climate labelling solution solves this problem, which both restaurateurs and their guests have welcomed with great enthusiasm. The feedback has been very positive, with large reductions in emissions and more satisfied chefs and guests. The wonderful award from The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre is gratifying and helps us in our work, which is very valuable for a start-up with limited resources but large potential, says David Bryngelsson CEO CarbonCloud.

The motivation for Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre award is: “CarbonCloud has been awarded the stipend since their service has a positive impact on climate and profitability while it is easy to use for chefs in the food sector, and therefore also benefits tourism”.

We see an enormous potential in CarbonAte. It is an innovation where digitisation and sustainability go hand in hand and that creates utility for the environment, restaurants and individual guests and visitors. Sustainability is an important area for all our activities. It is present in our thinking, both as a meeting place and workplace. Sustainable development is a natural part in the whole organization and the restaurants are no exception. Our own restaurant West Coast is first to try CarbonAte, says Carin Kindbom, CEO The Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre.

CarbonCloud started as an idea based on a research project at Chalmers University of Technology and has since then taken off. David Bryngelsson, CEO and co-founder, has centered his research on the climate problem and what can be done about it, focused on the food sector.

CarbonCloud and their climate labelling tool CarbonAte help restaurants calculate the climate impact of each ingredient that is used in cooking and also give the consumers a lucid climate calculation for each dish on the menu. CarbonCloud collaborates since March this year with World Wildlife Fund WWF, which has launched the concept One Planet Plate. A part of the collaboration consists of developing and designing Matkalkylatorn, which makes it possible for private consumers to calculate the climate impact of different types of foods.

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