Cheese innovator Stockeld Dreamery takes its next climate step – lays all cards on the table

Swedish food startup Stockeld Dreamery is making strides in the food industry with its plant-based cream cheese. The company has now partnered with climate intelligence platform CarbonCloud to climate-label its first product.

Stockeld Dreamery was established in 2019 to challenge the global dairy hegemony in cheese and combat climate change. The company launched Spread, a cream cheese based on fermented lentils and chickpeas, during the summer of 2022. Stockeld Dreamery was founded by the Videoplaza founder Sorosh Tavakoli and Anja Leissner, former biotechnician at one of Sweden’s largest dairy cooperatives.

Stockeld Dreamery’s Spread has a climate footprint of 4 kg of CO2e per kg of product

The cheese innovator is now launching a partnership with CarbonCloud, the food industry’s climate intelligence platform. CarbonCloud helps food and beverage companies calculate, understand, and reduce its product emissions by automatically mapping out entire value chains and their emission profiles. The calculation goes from farm to shelf and covers every process, sourcing, and transportation step in between. Stockeld Spread’s footprint lands at a mere 4kg of CO2e per kg of product – 68% lower than the CarbonCloud benchmark for dairy cream cheese in Sweden, at about 12kg of CO2e per kg of product.

“The big difference is in the resource efficiency of the agriculture, using dairy livestock vs. plants in particular. We knew about the big difference beforehand, but I was frankly surprised to see the big disparity. It says a lot about how much effort goes into livestock and dairy production in general”, says Daniel Skavén Ruben, Head of Strategy and Special Projects at Stockeld Dreamery.

The partnership means that Stockeld is joining the ranks of prominent food companies such as oat drink pioneer Oatly, retailer challenger Motatos, and multinational candy producer Cloetta.

“The food sector is in the middle of a tectonic climate shift where consumers, legislators, and retailers demand better climate performance. Stockeld is a company at the forefront of this change, demonstrating the effectiveness of food innovation”, says David Bryngelsson, CEO and co-founder at CarbonCloud.

Calculating the footprint and labeling the product is just the tip of the iceberg for Stockeld. The real work starts when the company starts reducing its footprint even more.

“Data management is paramount in taking climate action. With the CarbonCloud platform we can dive deep into our supply chain, see the exact footprint of a specific supplier, and identify where we should focus our reduction efforts”, says Daniel Skavén Ruben.