Food production is
25% of global

We're in the
business of
lowering that.

Making climate impact visible

At CarbonCloud, we develop software that helps calculate and communicate the carbon footprint of your food products, map out your supply chain and spot where and how to reduce your emissions together with your suppliers – from farm to shelf.

We ultimately provide the infrastructure and network packed with global data and intelligence to make the best procurement choices, get the most granular calculations, and even help your consumers make climate-conscious choices. A real competitive advantage that, as of today, has only been a game of the few. So, are you in?

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Food value chains are unique

The food system has developed over centuries into a complex network with millions of nodes. The network has pathways to communicate price and quality; the food network has no pathways to exchange climate performance information. Acting on climate performance today is an information problem that depends on 2 billion people exchanging climate performance seamlessly. Problem solved.

It's not you, it's us

The CarbonCloud mind always seeks truth with integrity and does so openly and without prestige. We want to do better, be better. The CarbonCloud heart is kind, sees the best in people and feels no fear when there is work to be done. We are transparent and honest. And if you join us, it’s not just us; it’s you, too.

Champions of climate transparency

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