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Sustainability reporting has a new emerging standard every week - but they all have one thing in common: They require robust, traceable data backed by science. Welcome to confident emissions metrics for Scopes 1, 2, 3.


Robust Scope 1, 2, 3 data for all formats

Metrics that withstand the stress-test

Climate targets and strategy are decisions – Emissions metrics are facts. CarbonCloud provides you with all the emissions metrics you need for any format. Export robust data from the dashboard, substantiate with compatible, always up-to-date product reports, or synthesize product climate footprints.

  • FLAG & Non-FLAG emissions separation for SBTi calculation
  • Base year calculation for SBTi (including FLAG)
  • CSRD-compliant metrics as outlined in ESRS 1-Climate Change
  • GHG Protocol Value Chain Standard Purchased Goods & Services (for Retailers) 
  • GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard-compatible technical report
  • ISO 14067compatible technical report
  • Emissions metrics for Section 4 of CDP and all TCFD formats
  • Emissions metrics for GRI 305-1 to 305-5

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Sustainability emissions reporting with CarbonCloud

Reporting standards - Is your head spinning yet?

All you need to know about reporting standards in under 30'!

GHG protocol, TCFD, CSRD… too many abbreviations going around but what do they mean for your company? Access the CarbonCloud Academy to get the full scoop on the most popular standards in under 30′!

Technical emissions report conforming to the GHG protocol

Share your results, not your secret sauce

You don’t need to share your entire recipes, sales volumes, production volumes, or social security number to pass. All you need to share is in a single number: The climate footprint of your products and your company. Share the always up-to-date technical report to substantiate your climate footprint, the historical log to cover any changes or the audit log for seamless metrics auditing.

We offer large food producers reliable figures for their CO2 calculations and savings and referring to CarbonCloud and the externally verified assessment helps a lot with the discussions with customers.

Dr Sara Marquart
CTO and Co-Founder, Planet A Foods

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Every sustainability report is based on solid data. Automate your emissions calculations and be reporting-ready with robust, accurate metrics.
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