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Module 1

Navigating the landscape

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Mandatory Climate-Related Financial Disclosures

Duration: 24′
Abstract: 35 nations and markets representing over 50% of the global GDP are making climate disclosures mandatory, starting in 2024.

The 1st masterclass of this module covers:

  • The affected markets
  • The affected company profiles in each market
  • The timeline for each market
  • The content and requirements of the report for all markets
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Emerging reporting standards in sustainability

Duration: 28′
Abstract: While the world is waiting for the reporting standard, the industry and sustainability experts seem to be embracing existing frameworks and guidance.

The 2nd masterclass of this module walks you through the emerging sustainability standards:

  • GHG protocol
  • ISO 14000 family
  • TCFD (Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures)
  • SBTi (Science-Based Targets initiative)
  • CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Standard)

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Module 2

Formulating a climate strategy

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Responses to the climate crisis & the 4 pillars of a winning strategy

Duration: 21′
Abstract: The food industry has demonstrated 3 different responses to the climate crisis: Freeze, Flee, Fight. In the 3 corresponding case studies from the food industry, we see the damage of freezing or fleeing the climate crisis and the breakthrough of fighting.

We then go through how to develop the 4 pillars of a winning climate strategy for companies in the food industry determined to fight and take a leading spot in the net-zero market for food:

  • Corporate strategy
  • Supply chain strategy
  • Data model & Management
  • Intraorganizational empowerment
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How to set up a climate intelligence pilot & roll out phase 1 quickly

Duration: 18′
Abstract: Materializing the strategy as planned is a make-or-break for a company’s spot in the net-zero food market. However, no company can do it at full blow from the get-go.

Ensure the right resources are in the right place at the right time. Start small with a pilot and secure its full rollout with scalability capabilities along your roadmap.

  • Which type of pilot is suitable for your organization
  • Which tasks to automate with software
  • Which resources you’ll need
  • How to scale up the pilot to full rollout

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Module 3

From strategy to action

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Portfolio-wide emissions reduction initiatives

Duration: 12′
Abstract: How can you assess the success and ROI of your emissions reduction initiatives in your portfolio products – and how can you ensure that they are indeed in line with your targets?

Fredrik Påhlman, VP of Product, demonstrates the most frequent climate work ambitions in food companies:

  • How to set impactful targets
  • Insights on portfolio-level hotspots and financial feasibility
  • How to approach intensity targets, i.e. per product, per ingredient
  • How to approach absolute targets
  • Build a climate-smart product from the start

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Supply chain (Scope 3) emissions reduction initiatives and application

Duration: 12′
Abstract: Being in control of Scope 3 and reducing supply chain emissions is perfectly attainable today with a systematic approach.

Fredrik Påhlman, VP of Product, walks you through the journey to primary data and how to integrate your supply chain in your emissions reduction roadmap:

  • How to increase data granularity along your supply chain
  • From representative data to a hybrid data model to primary data: What’s the difference in the footprint?
  •  Reduction opportunities along your supply chain
  • How to incorporate purchased goods and services in procurement and product development