Climate transparency – Ready to share

Share your climate performance with confidence. No matter who your stakeholders are, go climate-transparent and rest assured that your climate footprints are auditable, 3rd party verified, updated, and robust.


Where do you stand on the net-zero race?

Consumers actively looking for sustainable options

Claims eligible for a greenwashing audit by the European Commission

Consumers willing to pay a premium for traceable products

CDP-reporting food companies provide insufficient or vague data


Share your climate performance with brass

Up-to-date, robust, auditable climate footprints that can withstand any scrutiny. Get an automatically updated web report of your product conforming with ISO 14067 and GHG protocol and share your results with colleagues, customers, or certifying bodies.

Share your climate performance data with any stakeholder without disclosing your trade secrets or recipes. Export your data, trace the audit log, get supplier data updates automatically in the platform, or share your product web report with the life cycle analysis and your historical performance.

Grocery shopping with a carbon footprint budget

Green, eco, good for the planet is not cutting it for consumers anymore. Consumers are savvy and ask for transparency. Earn their trust, engagement, and brand loyalty by sharing the only number that matters: Your climate footprint.

See and show how you stack up in the climate performance arena. All climate footprints in CarbonCloud are comparable, consistent, and calculated within the same system boundaries.


If you find you wondering "How do I get the most out of the climate footprint label or strategy?", you don't have to reinvent the wheel. Here’s what your marketing department can do with all your meaningful climate work.



Your organization's climate footprint store front

Allow your stakeholders to explore your climate performance and dig deeper. Host all your climate footprints in your organization's page in ClimateHub and aggregate your real-time climate footprints every product and every market.

Real-time all the time

If the climate footprint is the what, its history is the how. Show improvements, reduction initiatives and scientific updates with the climate footprint historical tracker at every product page.

Follow the footsteps along the supply chain

Your climate performance is instantly visible along the supply chain. Your stakeholders can easily view where the impact lies – and no, it's not always packaging!

Full traceability for every ingredient

Trace along your product's climate footprint all the way down to ingredient level. Climate transparency goes a long way – linking all the way back at farm stage to be exact.

Big retailers and industry leaders are always looking for brands and products that impact the environment positively. It’s a commitment in huge companies so it’s really important that food producers have their climate performance in numbers and that they are accredited by a trusted partner.

Pedro Zuim
Marketing Director EMEA & APAC at Future Farm

With a climate footprint label, you get a single, collective value – you cannot argue with that value on a moral level. I was expecting our retail partner to be intimidated by this, but they thought it was great! I think people will look at climate footprints the same way they look at calories or sugar levels.

Rob Malin
CEO & Founder, When In Rome

This shan't take long...

Ready to go climate-transparent?

Labeling, disclosure, reporting, campaigning? We got you! Reach out to discuss how you can leverage climate transparency for your organization.



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