CarbonCloud for farmers

Climate performance data from your farm

Get precise climate footprints that reflect your agricultural operations

Climate footprint calculation for farmers


Increased climate data definition starts at farm

Whether you want to calculate your baseline or you already put in the work in your agricultural operations, get the numbers that will propel your next climate action.

Are you building a menu planner, diet app, a climate campaign or something we can’t even dream of? You add the creativity, we add robust climate data.


Robust research-backed climate footprints​

CarbonCloud is based on a biophysical model that has been developed during more than 20 years of scientific endeavors. The model calculates climate footprints throughout the food supply chain quickly with the highest degree of accuracy.

This shan't take long...

High-definition data starts from the cradle.

Try CarbonCloud’s platform for climate performance data at farm and increase your climate footprint data definition.



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