CarbonCloud Platform

CarbonCloud is a SaaS platform used to calculate, report and improve the carbon footprint of food companies.

Over 50,000 data points for food products and ingredients​

The CarbonCloud database includes carbon footprints for over 50,000 products and ingredients, including more than 20,000 crop and animal ingredients from around the world. The data is calculated based on scientifically validated models that conform with GHG Protocol and IPCC. Each data point is backed by a detailed breakdown of activity parameters used for the calculation and a technical report. All data points are calculated using the same methodology to allow for comparisons between ingredients and source location.

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carbon data for over 50,000 food products and ingredients
Automate scope 3 calculations for your product portfolio

Automate scope 3 calculations

Managing the carbon footprint of large product portfolios is challenging. CarbonCloud uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically match product portfolios to our carbon footprint database. Simply provide a bill of materials for your products and our AI engine will match it to the carbon footprint data in our database. Products are mapped to relevant categories that allow for more precise secondary data calculations and comparison of different ingredient sources. The result is a quick and easy aggregation of scope 3 emissions for your entire product portfolio.

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Discover improvements and hotspots in your carbon footprint

To achieve your reduction targets you need to identify hotspots and better sourcing alternatives. CarbonCloud provides a detailed breakdown of categories that contribute to your emissions. The detailed data view makes it easy to identify the greatest contributors. Our unique canvas tool, allows you to create different scenarios of sourcing ingredients to understand the overall impact on your carbon footprint. CarbonCloud uses identical calculations for all our data points so you can compare and act between alternative data points.

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Invite your suppliers

Reduce the time and effort collecting scope 3 emissions from suppliers

Engaging with suppliers is essential to reducing scope 3 emissions for the food industry. However, supplier engagement is expensive and time-consuming. CarbonCloud provides a single Supplier Network platform for collecting emissions data from your suppliers. Companies can invite their suppliers to contribute primary data that will be used to enhance the accuracy of your scope 3 data. The data collected from the supplier uses the same calculation models so you continue to do relative comparisons.

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