Climate transparency as ubiquitous as you

Start moving towards your climate targets – in all Scopes. Link up with the most sophisticated climate footprint database from food and make every step of the way data-driven


What's missing in retailer climate strategy?

Half of European and North American grocers have quantified climate targets

2/3 of European and North American grocers have measured their emissions baseline

Half of European and North American grocers are apprehensive about reaching their targets


Carve a data-driven climate roadmap and accelerate your target reach

Get the full picture of your entire assortment quickly and use the insights to carve your roadmap to net-zero. All data is harmonized and traceable from the farm to the shelf of your store.

Future-proof your climate strategy with the right infrastructure. Get your vendors on board gradually and increase data definition as more and more join forces with you in a single source of truth.

Easily extract relevant climate data for any disclosure scheme and rest assured that your climate footprints are fully auditable, compliant, 3rd party verified, and traceable every step of the way.

Easily extract relevant climate data for any disclosure scheme and rest assured that your climate footprints are fully auditable, compliant, 3rd party verified, and traceable every step of the way.


2023 marks the great shift of climate strategies from nice-to-have to must-have. Starting 2023, 35 nations and regions are rolling out mandatory climate disclosures. How does this affect large retailers?

mandatory climate-related disclosures

Future-proof your climate work on a dynamic database

Establish the baseline emissions for your entire assortment on future-proof conditions: Full horizontal and vertical resolution based on the world’s most sophisticated food climate database of over 18,000 footprints based on a biophysical model developed during decades of scientific endeavors.

Harmonized data at every stage

No need to spend time harmonizing third-party data. Get your vendors on the CarbonCloud network and digitalize your climate operations on a level system.

Instant, automatic updates

Get a hold of the real-time climate footprints all the time. Up-to-date footprints, from ClimateHub, CarbonCloud's database or your vendors, seamlessly trickle down the network and reach your dashboard instantly and automatically.

Over 18,000 climate footprints

Build your baseline on a solid data that scales to match your ambition. Map out your assortment automatically and categorically and increase data definition as you prioritize supplier engagement at your pace. All your suppliers need to do is get on board and in charge of their climate performance.

Integrate with your EPR/PIM

No need to go hunting for data. Integrate your EPR or PIM system with ClimateHub, CarbonCloud's database and be on top of your climate performance with the greatest of digital ease.

Scope 3 emissions

Supplier emissions, or scope 3, are on average 11.4x higher than scope 1 and 2 emissions combined. Leaving it out will not suffice.


Identify products that account for the bulk of your emissions

Focus on products and suppliers that has a major impact on your carbon footprint and prioritize your vendor engagement.

Relevant, fair & globally comparable data

CarbonCloud's data consists of the emission factors that comprise the climate footprint. Climate footprints are comparableglobal scale as the same emissions factors are used in a fair and unbiased manner

Identify emissions drivers throughout the supply chain

Pinpoint where you need to act and how to reduce the climate footprint of a product and improve climate-smart sourcing visibility by comparing suppliers

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Secure climate communication with an impact

A single robust number for all stakeholders

Ready when you are!

Ready to start walking towards your climate targets?

Carve a data-driven climate strategy that matches the ambition of your targets. Reach out to our climate performance experts and see how you can jumpstart your climate strategy.



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