Product carbon footprint on every item

Start moving towards your climate targets in all Scopes. Link up with your suppliers smoothly, increase data granularity with every connection, and make your net-zero strategy data-driven.


It is all about product footprints and supplier engagement


Jumpstart your Scope 3 strategy with an actionable emissions map

Launch your net-zero strategy on actionable, portfolio-wide data and a digital twin for every product. The secret is: Bottom-up calculations.

Automate your emissions calculations for thousands of products and create a seat for every supplier and ingredient’s primary data.

Automated Modeling

1: The engine for quick, automated modeling of greenhouse gas emissions for large food portfolios and supply chains.
2: The replacement of manual life cycle assessment.
3: The complete and automated emissions map of a food product portfolio.

Carbon footprint for food products


Secure emissions communication with year-to-year progress

Easily extract emissions data for any reporting framework and equip your physical or digital shelves with the only number that makes a difference: The climate footprint. Rest assured that your data quality reflects your work and your climate footprints are fully auditable and traceable every step of the way.

A single robust number for all stakeholders:

TCFD Emissions metrics

Emissions metrics for Section 4 of CDP, Mandatory climate-related financial disclosures and all TCFD formats


FLAG & Non-FLAG emissions separation for SBTi calculation. Base year calculation for SBTi (including FLAG) and consistent historical performance data for committed targets.

GHG Protocol

The technical reports are in the format requested by GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard and applicable to Purchased Goods and Services for retailers reporting for the GHG Protocol Value Chain Standard.


Cradle-to-gate GHG emissions metrics in impact category climate change for PEF.


2023 marks the great shift of climate strategies from nice-to-have to must-have. Starting 2023, 35 nations and regions are rolling out mandatory climate disclosures. How does this affect large retailers?


Scope 3 emissions management – Simplified

Future-proof your climate strategy with the right infrastructure. Automate supplier engagement and seamlessly transition to primary data throughout the supply chain.

Your suppliers’ improvements automatically propagate to your view and the digital twin is instantly updated with harmonized primary data. Track supplier performance against targets in real-time for a data-driven collaboration toward your climate targets.

The data from CarbonCloud allows us to focus on the things that truly matter. Now we want to collaborate with our suppliers and customers to reduce our climate impact together.

Jonas kohler ceo menigo
Jonas Köhler
CEO at Menigo
Engage your suppliers to map out emissions
kg CO₂e


Drive impactful reduction initiatives

The bulk of your reduction opportunities is further deep in the supply chain. Identify emission hotspots at any stage of the supply chain and across your portfolio, procure climate-smart products, and ensure that your reduction initiatives and incentives have an impact.

Up to 98% →

This is the percentage of Scope 3 emissions for retailers. Without supplier involvement, you can reduce about 2% of your emissions – maximum. What makes the retailers' job so hard? The food supply chain.


Future-proof your climate work on a
dynamic database

Establish the baseline emissions for your entire assortment on future-proof conditions: Full horizontal and vertical resolution based on the world’s most sophisticated food climate database of over 18,000 footprints based on a biophysical model developed during decades of scientific endeavors.

Harmonized data at every stage

Get your vendors on the CarbonCloud network and digitalize your climate operations on a level system.

Over 18,000 climate footprints

Map out your assortment automatically and categorically and increase data definition as you prioritize supplier engagement.

Instant, automatic updates

Up-to-date footprints, from our database or your vendors, seamlessly trickle down the network and reach your dashboard instantly.

Integrate with your ERP/PIM

No need to go hunting for data. Integrate your ERP or PIM and be on top of your climate performance with the greatest of digital ease.

Ready when you are!

Ready to start walking towards your climate targets?

Carve a data-driven climate strategy that matches the ambition of your targets. Reach out to our climate performance experts and see how you can jumpstart your climate strategy.