Size matters. Scale your climate performance to match your targets

Big plans for climate performance? Ensure your technical capabilities match and scale parallel to your ambitions.


Centralize intelligence.
Decentralize reductions.


Large portfolios call for automated calculations

Waste no time in acquiring your emissions baseline. For Automated Modeling, a long list of SKUs takes as long as a single unit.

Automate climate performance calculations for even the largest portfolios in weeks. Future-proof your emissions work with harmonized supply chain data, a digital twin for every product, and aggregated, real-time climate performance on a portfolio and company level.

We looked for a reliable, scalable software solution to calculate the carbon footprint of our products. Our ambition is to understand our priorities, to act in our supply chain and in the future, to raise awareness to our consumers.

Barbara Guerpillon Dole Sunshine
Barbara Guerpillon
Head of Sustainability at Dole Sunshine
Carbon footprint for food products
KitKat Nestlé


Share your climate performance with brass

Science-backed climate footprints can withstand any green claim test. Communicate your climate performance confidently with always up-to-date, robust, substantiated climate footprints that withstand scrutiny. Get an automatically updated web report of your product in the format requested by ISO 14067 and GHG protocol, simplify your retailer launch and earn consumer loyalty.

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60% of consumers are actively looking and willing to pay for more sustainable options. 42% of the green claims are eligible for a greenwashing audit by the European Commission. 50% of the European and North American retailers have climate targets.


The net-zero market for food and beverage is taking shape now. The market winners of tomorrow are already advancing in climate maturity by working through 8 key tracks. Is your organization on track? Download the guide and find out how to advance and win market shares in the net-zero food domain.


Steel-plated emissions metrics

Climate targets and strategy are decisions – Emissions metrics are facts. CarbonCloud provides you with all the emissions metrics you need for any format. Export robust data from the dashboard, substantiate with compatible, always up-to-date product reports, or synthesize product climate footprints.

A single robust number for all stakeholders:


Base year calculation for SBTi FLAG and non-FLAG targets. Easy and instant FLAG & non-FLAG emissions separation for the portfolios that require new FLAG target setting and emissions separation.

GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard-compatible technical report and compatible reports for Retailer Value Chain Standard.


Export and synthesize emissions metrics for Section 4 of CDP and all TCFD formats, including Mandatory Climate-related Financial Disclosures

Emissions dashboard for insights and automated CSRD reporting
Engage your suppliers to map out emissions


Trace emissions to the deep end of the food supply chain​

Do you really expect data quality and supplier engagement from spreadsheets and emails? Invite your suppliers to the emissions management network and let primary data flow automatically across your supply chain. Track climate performance from farm to shelf in real-time with harmonized, comparable data.​

How do I set up a Scope 3 project?

Your company and your suppliers can exchange climate data in CarbonCloud. CarbonCloud's digital infrastructure is developed for the food industry to strategically work with climate change and supply-chain management.


Strategic work usually starts with mapping out the climate footprints on a product level to get your GHG emission baseline and then moving down the supply chain to involve suppliers and calculate their emissions.


Insights from this process guide your company on how to best proceed. Which additional data to collect to increase resolution where it matters the most, which products to focus efforts on, and which suppliers to engage for the highest ROI relating to actionable insights and data.


Then you can start engaging suppliers on the platform to let them take ownership over their part of the calculation and in the same process, increase granularity and data quality in the assessments. This can be done for all ingredients and tier 1 suppliers as a first step, or some ingredients and suppliers and all the way down to agriculture.


The end goal is usually to map all suppliers all the way but the timeline for this is driven by the climate and transparency ambitions of your company and your suppliers.


CarbonCloud never asks for GHG emissions for any process. For consistency, all emissions are calculated by the platform. All questions relate to production processes with a focus on information that is readily available to the producers and suppliers.

How do I engage my suppliers?

CarbonCloud offers a complete integration for companies in the supply chain. This enables our customers' suppliers to share their climate footprints in a seamless and automatic fashion with you. Being a SaaS platform, CarbonCloud takes full responsibility for onboarding each supplier, and based on a few input parameters from the supplier, CarbonCloud calculates and maps out their GHG emissions.


Suppliers work with the platform directly and in a similar way to your company. They all go through the same process of Automated Mapping based on readily available information, followed by an iterative process of improvement of the data as they learn what matters, which data to look for, and what to measure. They equally get a richness of insights in this process, a platform for understanding their own emissions, identifying improvement potentials, and run scenarios.


You can see which suppliers perform better and how they develop over time. Well-performing suppliers can leverage this in tenders; it will be worthwhile for them to walk the extra mile and make the investments and changes needed to lower their emissions in line with your climate ambitions.

Can you map out our complete supply chain?

Yes! One of the many great benefits of CarbonCloud’s solution is that it is based on a digital network architecture, which enables us to visualize GHG emissions from your total footprint to each supplier’s footprint all the way down to farm level.


You have an overview that is kept up to date and the possibility to zoom in and out to gain insights from actionable data. All suppliers also have access to actionable data and insights into their emissions, which are kept up to date, with real-time results.


Mieke and her team are taking climate footprint reductions seriously. Since they started working with CarbonCloud, the OaYeah! pancakes can now boast a 30% lower climate footprint – a result of motivation, dedicated work, and actionable climate data and insights.


Actionable insights at any level

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Start with your ingredient suppliers. Read how Planet A Foods helps the largest confectionary producers in the world save 92% of emissions with a simple switch.

Emissions mapping in supply chain carboncloud

systematic emissions reductions

From strategy to hands-on action

Forget about decisions based on instinct. Set data-driven, impactful climate targets and monitor your performance as you work towards them.

Elite net-zero ambition is a holistic process. Scale supply chain engagement based on your priorities and increase data definition seamlessly and systematically.

Automated sustainability emissions reporting and carbon footprint reporting with CarbonCloud

Add climate intelligence to your digital ecosystem and streamline your intelligence towards aligned action.

Start trying out the most climate-smart ingredients, packaging, processing and logistics solutions in your digital twin and procure with your footprint top of mind.

Ensure that every new product that hits the shelf is climate-optimal, with sophisticated scenario-building capabilities in the hands of your innovation experts.

Ready when you are!

Ready to start walking towards your climate targets?

Carve a data-driven climate strategy that matches the ambition of your targets. Reach out to our climate performance experts and see how you can jumpstart your climate strategy.