Climate transparency suits you. It works too!

Show that you are doing your part in climate change. Give consumers, retailers, and regulators what they ask for: Not wishful thinking – just your climate impact in a number.


Engrave climate transparency into
the core of your business


Your climate impact —
accurately quantified

Focus on breaking new ground with your products and let CarbonCloud’s science-distilled machine do the climate calculations. Rest assured that your climate footprints are substantiated, scrutiny-proof, and always up-to-date.

Compare performance on a level playing field.
See and show how you stack up in the climate performance arena. All climate footprints in CarbonCloud are comparable, consistent, and calculated within the same system boundaries.

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60% of consumers are actively looking and willing to pay for more sustainable options.
42% of the green claims are eligible for a greenwashing audit by the European Commission.
50% of the European and North American retailers have climate targets.

Compare carbon footprints of food products
Carbon labeled food products


Share your climate footprint with brass

Green, eco, good for the planet is not cutting it for consumers or watchdogs. Make confident climate claims that withstand all greenwash scrutiny and earn consumers’ trust, engagement, and brand loyalty. You only need one number: The climate footprint.

Your climate footprints are always transparent, always up-to-date, conforming to emissions metrics standards and backed-up by a complete technical report.

We wanted to impact consumers to drive the change and understand the climate footprint of food. That’s why we decided to calculate the climate footprint of our products with CarbonCloud: To focus on the number that drives this change. For me, printing the climate footprints of each product is the way of helping consumers and ourselves as food brands.

Annika Hansson, Oatly
Annika Hansson
Sustainability Reporting Senior Manager at Oatly

TENZING Natural Energy used insights from CarbonCloud, set supply chain KPIs and activated reduction initiatives that drove the climate footprint of TENZING Original Recipe down by 23% in a year.


Claims that withstand any stress-test

Share up-to-date, robust, auditable climate performance with retailers, voluntary disclosures, and target-setting entities.

Seamlessly respond to retailers’ call for Scope 3 data and even track the climate performance of your supply chain.

A standard-conforming technical report for every product is always at arm’s length, substantiating your calculations but keeping your secret sauce.

A single robust number for all stakeholders:

TCFD Emissions metrics

Emissions metrics for Section 4 of CDP, Mandatory climate-related financial disclosures and all TCFD formats


FLAG & Non-FLAG emissions separation for SBTi calculation. Base year calculation for SBTi (including FLAG) and consistent historical performance data for committed targets.

GHG Protocol

The technical reports are in the format requested by GHG Protocol Product Life Cycle Accounting and Reporting Standard and applicable to Purchased Goods and Services for retailers reporting for the GHG Protocol Value Chain Standard.


Cradle-to-gate GHG emissions metrics in impact category climate change for PEF.

ClimateHub carbon footprint report
Emissions mapping in supply chain carboncloud


Climate-proof your operations

Procure the most climate-smart ingredients: Explore your supplier options and swap around over 13,000 ingredients from the world’s most sophisticated climate footprint database for food.

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Supply chain emissions are 11x more than a food producer's own operations. In food, there are no reductions without the suppliers – Here's how that works.


Mieke and her team are taking climate footprint reductions seriously. Since they started working with CarbonCloud, the OaYeah! pancakes can now boast a 30% lower climate footprint – a result of motivation, dedicated work, and actionable climate data and insights.


From decision to campaign in weeks

It doesn't take months to get your hands on your emissions map – really. Let computers do the calculations and focus on making your products climate-smart and letting the world know
You: Input the data you work with on a daily

Simply list the portfolio data you already know by heart – product name, ingredients, country of origin, GTIN number.

CarbonCloud: Automated emissions modeling

Automated Modeling, our emissions modeling engine, scans your input, programmatically matches each product to its supply chain model, and calculates the climate footprint

You: Start walking and talking

Gain instant intelligence, identify hotspots, and start the reduction work. In the meantime, add climate transparency to your brand value and stand out to retailers.

Ready when you are!

Ready to start walking towards your climate targets?

Carve a data-driven climate strategy that matches your ambitious targets. Reach out to our climate performance experts and see how you can jumpstart your climate strategy.