Here you will find some of the blogs, podcasts and articles that cover CarbonCloud and the movement for transparent climate footprints of food.


Photos of CEO and CTO, screenshots of the app.


inGood hands does an interview with CEO David Bryngelsson
SWE: Staycheappodden interviews CEO David Bryngelsson.
Interview with CEO David Bryngelsson on Green Means Business

News articles

CNN – Katy Scott Nov 27 2020
Why some food brands want you to know their climate impact

Financial Times – Judith Evans Nov 19 2020
Could carbon labelling soon become routine?

Breakit – Jon Wahlqvist Sep 3 2020 (Swedish)
Carboncloud vill göra det enklare att spåra livsmedel – backas med 10 miljoner

Company description

CarbonCloud is a research-based food-tech startup with a disruptive web-based SaaS solution that enables detailed calculations of climate footprints of food products and production processes. This enables food producers across the world to calculate and analyze the climate footprints of their product portfolios at a fraction of the cost and time spent on traditional consultancy-based life-cycle assessments. Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is privately held and backed by international investors.

“Until now, climate footprints have been slowly calculated by hand. We’re using modern technology to solve the problems of the future, automating the calculation process and handing it over to computers. This allows us to calculate massive amounts of footprints simultaneously with consistent quality.” – David Bryngelsson, CEO at CarbonCloud

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