A Climate Strategy Master Class

Get the complete know-how and know-why of emissions management in the food system. Access the 3-module video seminar led by leading climate experts and researchers and pack your kit with the tools to carve an actionable climate strategy.


A seminar for food strategists determined to win the net-zero market

 Every industry is responding to the climate crisis at a different pace – but the food industry is lagging behind. And not because it’s lacking the will. Mandatory emissions disclosures are on the way, emissions reductions are off-track, and company reputations are at stake for greenwashing. 

How can food industry executives address the climate crisis sustainably and effectively, respond to global reporting needs and, win the consumers of the net-zero food market?

Join us as we map out the sustainability landscape in food and navigate the way forward into emissions-proof food production.


Navigating the landscape

Masterclass I
Mandatory Climate-Related Financial Disclosures.

Masterclass II
Emerging reporting standards in sustainability and climate.

Masterclass I
Climate crisis responses with 3 case studies & the 4 pillars of a winning climate strategy.

Masterclass II
How to set up a climate intelligence pilot and roll out to phase 1 with lightning speed.

Workshop I Portfolio-wide emissions reductions initiatives.

CarbonCloud Academy Lecturers

Jonas de Lange CarbonCloud

Jonas de Lange

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Fredrik Påhlman


Sofia Pyrgioti