Turbocharge your climate strategy with the right feature package



With a dash of self-awareness, the names themselves can help you make the right choice – not just in CarbonCloud but in climate strategy overall. Also, our product package names have a rich backstory we’d love to share.


Frequently Asked Questions

The right package depends on the maturity level of your organization’s climate strategy. What infrastructure do you have in place? How do you plan to incorporate climate insights in your operations? How many resources are you dedicating to your climate performance? How do you plan to engage suppliers? How do you plan to share your climate performance? If in doubt, start with Explorer and get a solid start and understanding of your climate performance. One thing is for sure: No matter where you start, you will certainly improve.

Taking climate strategy seriously? Read our whitepaper 8 Tracks to Win the Race to Net-Zero and place yourself in the right maturity level.

You have committed to work with your emissions – the difficult part is behind you. How to get started is the easy part: Start by calculating the emissions baseline of your product portfolio. With Initial Mapping, you will have your emissions baseline in a few weeks. From there, you can set short and long term targets, identify hotspots and attainable reduction opportunities.

Good question without a short answer but with an answer nevertheless! Download our guide Navigate to Net-zero to get the full picture and reach peak preparedness.



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