Do you know the climate impact of your food product?

Our platform helps brave food brands to calculate, understand, share and improve their climate footprint. Over and over again.


/ month and product

Calculate with accuracy
If you know your food production process, you can easily calculate the climate footprint.

Understand where you are
Find your hotspots, build future scenarios, and focus your climate efforts.

Share it with the world
We will back you up on the science when you go public with our label on your product.

Different kinds of food products on a table

Oatly is counting on us to get their climate footprint right.

We feel confident that CarbonCloud is the best option for us. They have a long experience of research of food production systems and their model is detailed. We provide the data, packages, transports, ingredients whereas CarbonCloud enters the data involving cultivation of ingredients.
We show the climate footprints of our products to raise awareness among consumers. Our hope is to help create a demand for this type of information for food in general. We want consumers to easily find and recognize climate friendly food.

– Carina Tollmar, Sustainability Director Oatly

TENZING went climate transparent in three weeks.

From my initial phone call, I knew that CarbonCloud was the right partner for us. They are as fast-moving as we are and understand the importance of our mission. They were supportive every step of the way, from helping us identify the data we needed to collect to teaching us how to use the  modelling platform. We really have developed a great partnership, one that will long continue.

– Emily Gander, Head of Comms & Sustainability 
at TENZING Natural Energy

Putting decades of climate science into one game-changing product.

If you know your food production processes, the tool will show you the climate footprint.

The highest quality 3rd party verification.

The tool and our support team ensures high quality results. CarbonCloud supplies 3rd party verification of your calculations and back you up in external communication.

Over 20 years of climate science and counting.

The CarbonCloud platform is based on more than 20 years of research. The method is constantly developed as scientific progress is made.

A full library of industry data to back up your product.

We are building a vast library of food ingredients and products, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, we will help you with a substitute, and then update it for you when the library grows.

Find your hotspots, build future scenarios, and focus your climate efforts.

Focus on the efforts that make the biggest impact to lower the climate footprint.

Break it down to categories.

See whether transportation or refinement is the biggest contributor to your climate footprint.

Catch the carbon hotspots at a glance.

The circle segments around the icons show how big part of the footprint comes from each box. Real-time.

Build scenarios, and see the change of your product’s footprint.

Want to see how switching to renewable energy for your factory compares with cutting waste in the packaging process? Try it out and get to see what would give the largest climate impact for the money invested.

Show the world – you are part of the solution to climate change.

Make active contributions to solving the climate problem, together with your customers and business partners.

Label your package.

Use our label to get your message out. There is a large consumer demand for climate labelling on food – being transparent about your footprint means a lot for brand loyalty.

We’ll back you up on the science.

Consistent high-quality 3rd party verification of the calculations. When you choose to go public the CarbonCloud platform will provide you with the information you need to feel comfortable and confident in your claims.

Automatically generated standardized web reports.

You get a report with the chance to dig deeper, delivered online, free to share with your colleagues and customers.

Computers linked in a network with CarboCloud software running

Food production is a collaborative process.

We let each actor calculate their part of the value chain.

The more the merrier.

Get your suppliers on the platform and improve the quality of your results. Their results can be connected to your model, and you get high precision results without effort.

Share results, not your secret sauce.

Stay in control of your data. Be transparent without disclosing your trade secrets. Our consistent assessment offers a common yardstick, and allows you to share results without disclosing your trade secrets. You are in control of which organisations get to use your results. And you decide when to go public.

Benefit from you suppliers improvements.

When your supplier makes an investment to improve their climate footprint, your footprint gets automatically updated.

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