Emissions dashboard for insights and automated CSRD reporting


Corporate Carbon Reporting for the Food Industry

CarbonCloud makes it more efficient to report for CSRD and SBTi with Flag. Our integrated reporting solution allows you to easily calculate and report your scope 1,2,3 emissions required for CSRD and SBTi.

Automated CSRD and SBTi Reporting Solutions

Quickly and efficiently calculate and report Scope 3 emissions and carbon footprint

Collecting and reporting scope 3 emissions can be a costly and time consuming. Lots of food companies rely upon Excel spreadsheets to manage this process. CarbonCloud automates calculating scope 3 emissions for your entire product portfolio.

You simply provide your bill of materials or list of products purchased. Next, our automated modeling system calculates the carbon footprint of your products based on CarbonCloud scientific models.

Automated sustainability emissions reporting and carbon footprint reporting with CarbonCloud
Find emissions hotspots in food with CarbonCloud

FLAG emission data as required by SBTi

Unlike other carbon calculators, CarbonCloud provides detailed FLAG data that is required by SBTi. We can categorize your carbon footprint by land use change, land management with carbon dioxide and land management without carbon dioxide emissions. This allows you to fulfill SBTi FLAG reporting and also set targets for these FLAG emissions.

Emissions dashboard for insights and automated CSRD reporting

Comprehensive data breakdowns to identify opportunities to reduce carbon emissions

CarbonCloud reports the aggregation of all your scope 1,2 and 3 emissions, including the breakdown of the 15 GHG Protocol scope 3 categories. We also allow you to drill down into each of these aggregate numbers to analyze the results, all the way down to the product level. This level of transparency allows for in-depth analysis to identify hotspots in your supply chain and opportunities for carbon reductions.

Engage your supply chain to meet your targets

Scope 3 emissions make up 80-90% of the carbon footprint of many food companies, so engaging with your suppliers is critical. CarbonCloud integrates the collection of supplier’s primary data directly into the platform. Suppliers receive an invitation to add their primary data to CarbonCloud so that it is used to calculate the carbon footprint of the food company. Gaining access to the primary data provides an opportunity to work with suppliers to reduce emissions and provide a more accurate representation of the carbon footprint.

The data from CarbonCloud allows us to focus on the things that truly matter. Now we want to collaborate with our suppliers and customers to reduce our climate impact together.

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Jonas Köhler
CEO at Menigo
Technical emissions report conforming to the GHG protocol

Backed by our Climate Experts

CarbonCloud is committed to our customers’ success. We have a team of climate experts and scientists that are experts in emissions from the food industry.

Our experts keep on top of the latest scientific research and government regulations to help our customers be successful with their sustainability goals.


From first-touch to primary data in weeks

It doesn't take months to get your hands on your emissions map – really. Let computers do the calculations and focus on making your products climate-smart and letting the world know
You: Input the data you work with on a daily

Simply list the portfolio data you already know by heart – product name, ingredients, country of origin, GTIN number.

CarbonCloud: Automated emissions modeling

Automated Modeling, our AI emissions mapping engine, scans your input, programmatically matches each product to its supply chain model, and calculates the climate footprint

You: Invite your suppliers

Send your suppliers an automatic invitation to provide their climate footprints. Your suppliers receive a notification and get onboard

Your suppliers: Input their primary data

Once your suppliers have input their production data, Automated Modeling improves the data quality of their products' climate footprints in your view and your suppliers can access their digital twin.

You: Track supplier performance & increase data quality

The more your suppliers (and their suppliers) get involved, the higher your data and insight quality gets. Your view is automatically updated in real-time and you can track supplier performance against your shared climate targets.

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    How to set up a Scope 1/2/3 pilot for success

    Test out your ways of working with your supply chain and new tools for minimum risk and maximum gain – with the existing resources, and most importantly, with existing data. Download our guide and streamline how to use the resources and data you already have to set up a successful emissions management pilot for any Scope, tailored to the needs of your organization.