Climate label on all meals at Roskilde Festival

Food tech start-up CarbonCloud has entered a collaboration with the Roskilde Festival to support them in their sustainability work. Through CarbonCloud’s innovative climate impact calculator, CarbonAte, all 400 food options served during the festival by 100 different food vendors will be marked with climate labels. This will make it easier for visitors to make sustainable climate-smart choices and enable the festival to measure the climate impact of its food operations.

The carbon footprint from all meals served during this year’s festival has, with the help of CarbonCloud’s unique and scientific solution, been calculated and the food stall menus have been complemented with CarbonCloud’s climate-label system. The Roskilde Festival, with its strong focus on sustainability, has for a long time been looking for ways to reduce the climate impact of their food sales. Thanks to this collaboration, the festival will be able to calculate the total climate impact from food and build a foundation for its future climate strategy.

The ambition for the Roskilde Festival is to be an influencer and pave the way for a green transformation. Our goals are set high in an effort to inspire our partners, food vendors and visitors. Not only during the festival but long after it has ended. It is a natural step for us to begin to work with the impact the festival food has on our climate, and to calculate the carbon dioxide emissions of all meals sold. Therefore, we are very pleased to have entered a collaboration with CarbonCloud, who will measure the total carbon footprint from all of our 400 different dishes served during the festival. Thanks to this, we will be able to build a foundation from which we can and will continue our sustainability work,

says Lars Orlamundt, Division Manager, Roskilde Festival.

We are very happy to collaborate with the Roskilde Festival. Music festivals are visited by lots of young people who are concerned about climate change and our future, and the goal is to expand our festival operation and climate label the food at many more festivals to come, in Sweden, Scandinavia and the rest of the world,

says David Bryngelsson, CEO of CarbonCloud.

CarbonCloud started out as a research project at Chalmers University of Technology and is part of EIT Climate-KIC’s EU-financed accelerator for start-up companies working towards zero-carbon solutions. CEO and co-founder David Bryngelsson has a long research career centered around climate change and what can be done to prevent further emissions, with a focus on the impact of food.

CarbonCloud and their climate labeling service CarbonAte enable restaurants to quickly and easily calculate the carbon impact of each ingredient used in their cooking, combined with inspiring, pedagogical menus with carbon footprint labels for each dish. Since March this year, CarbonCloud collaborates with WWF, World Wildlife Fund, and their One Planet Plate food concept. In May, CarbonCloud was awarded The Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre’s sustainability price for its innovation CarbonAte. And today, the collaboration with the Roskilde Festival commences.

The Roskilde Festival is not the only place where sustainable food is a hot topic; it is also one of the focus areas at the ongoing politician week at Almedalen, Gotland. CarbonCloud participates in numerous seminars and panels throughout Almedalen, and is together with WWF, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation and the Swedish think tank Fores one of the organizers of the competition “The most climate-smart food in Almedalen”. If you wish to learn more, steer your browser to

For more information, please contact:

David Bryngelsson, CEO of CarbonCloud
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