Uhrenholt applies CarbonCloud Machine Learning to all its food products

Uhrenholt kickstarts data-driven carbon management

Global food leader, Uhrenholt, kickstarts data-driven carbon management along its supply chain with CarbonCloud’s carbon footprint calculations for all its products. With this initiative, Uhrenholt automates the largest challenge in carbon management: Supplier engagement and Scope 3 data management.

Uhrenholt kicks off a large climate data initiative together with CarbonCloud. CarbonCloud’s climate intelligence platform calculates the climate footprint of the entire product portfolio with machine learning technology and provides Uhrenholt with better climate insights throughout the supply chain.

This is an important step for Uhrenholt in the work towards mapping and understanding the carbon footprint from the beginning to the end of our supply chain. With this initiative, we will soon have a solid baseline for scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions
says Malene Kjær, CMO and Sustainability Lead at Uhrenholt.

Uhrenholt started a partnership with CarbonCloud to answer the climate footprint question for all its products in one go. The calculation makes emissions comparisons accessible throughout Uhrenholt’s portfolio and empowers both Uhrenholt and its customers to make more climate-friendly purchasing decisions.

Climate footprints have previously been calculated with conventional life cycle assessments that take months or even years for individual products. The CarbonCloud platform can manage thousands of products in a short time with machine learning and algorithm-based calculations.

The scalability of CarbonCloud’s solution is a complete game changer. We are moving from a top-down estimate for the entire business to detailed data for every product,
says Malene Kjær

Global food production represents a significant number of global emissions and over 80% of these are at the early stages of the value chain. Scope 3 data is the biggest challenge right now for emission reductions in the food industry. Most of Uhrenholt’s carbon emissions also come from scope 3, upstream or downstream in the supply chain. The ability to work effectively with emissions in the procurement process and with supplier optimization is a deciding factor for Uhrenholt’s work to actively minimize its carbon footprint. Uhrenholt’s plan is to engage its suppliers in reducing emissions and invite them to join the digital network. CarbonCloud’s digital network enables suppliers to digitally connect in the platform and seamlessly exchange the emissions data that matters – the climate footprint of each product.

David Bryngelsson, PhD, CEO CarbonCloud
Uhrenholt’s approach to reducing Scope 3 emissions showcases its leadership and commitment to sustainability. We are thrilled to enable a transparent value chain for Uhrenholt and facilitate its data-driven emissions management,
says David Bryngelsson, CEO and co-founder of CarbonCloud
With CarbonCloud’s system we can avoid sending emails, spreadsheets and requests for sensitive trade secrets to our suppliers as CarbonCloud automates climate information exchange among suppliers and vendors – with speed, efficacy and privacy,
says Søren Jakobsen, Senior Strategic Purchase Manager at Uhrenholt.

A critical aspect of CarbonCloud’s solution is the ability to connect the entire supply chain network. The system maps out the entire value chain of each product, from farm to store shelf. When an actor in the network changes a recipe, sourcing or processes, the result is instantly shared with every connected company.

About Uhrenholt

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