CarbonCloud releases massive amounts of climate footprints for free

Global warming is one of the biggest environmental challenges right now and food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, CarbonCloud is launching a website where you can find country-specific climate footprints of annual crops from all over the world, as a first important step towards publishing climate footprints for all food products. To enable informed choices for sustainability-engaged producers and consumers we are providing it all for free, in stark contrast to most climate data, which does not exist at all or is hidden behind expensive paywalls.

“Until now, climate footprints have been slowly calculated by hand. We’re using modern technology to solve the problems of the future, automating the calculation process and handing it over to computers. This allows us to calculate massive amounts of footprints simultaneously with consistent quality.”David Bryngelsson, CEO at CarbonCloud

In order to stop global warming and meet the ambitious climate goals stated in the Paris Agreement, there is an increasing demand for convenient and trustworthy tools to measure the climate impact of goods and food products. Big sustainability actors in the food sector are already using CarbonCloud software to keep track of their climate footprints. Some of them have even gone one step further than just publishing their footprints and have launched campaigns that encourage their customers to make green choices, e.g., Oatly’s campaign to “Show us your numbers” and Estrella’s drive for “Fair snacks”.

A big difficulty in performing climate footprint calculation comparisons is that assessments are made by individual experts using different methods and datasets. We have set out to change this by releasing massive amounts of consistent climate footprint data for free and turn the focus to what can be done to reduce the emissions now that we have comparable data.

  • “We are releasing all these footprints for free because we want to help solve the climate crisis and give more food producers the possibility to calculate their specific climate footprints and show their numbers.”

Mikael Tönnberg, CTO at CarbonCloud

Automating the calculations for farmgate annual crops at an unprecedented scale is just the start. The next step is perennial crops to be followed by livestock products, refined products and more. Over time, the goal is to cover all food products in the search to also meet the end-consumer market. As new yield data come in every year, or science makes progress on the underlying mechanisms or data collection, all the footprints are automatically re-calculated and updated. Customers using our climate labeling tool will get automatic access to up-to-date high-precision footprints they can use when modeling their production processes. This data set will improve in both scope and precision over time, so if you cannot find what you are looking for, check in again and it may well be there.

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CarbonCloud is a research-based food-tech startup with a disruptive web-based SaaS solution that enables detailed calculations of climate footprints of food products and production processes. This enables food producers across the world to calculate and analyze the climate footprints of their product portfolios at a fraction of the cost and time spent on traditional consultancy-based life-cycle assessments. Headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is privately held and backed by international investors.