Triumf Glass boosts its sustainability work through collaboration with CarbonCloud

Triumf and CarbonCloud partner up for climate transparency

Triumf Glass and CarbonCloud partner up towards a more sustainable future. Through CarbonCloud’s research-based software service, Triumf Glass boosts the transparency of its carbon footprint all the way from raw material to finished product.

In the ice cream factory in Sävedalen, Triumf Glass manufactures approximately 17.5 million liters of ice cream annually, which are then distributed to convenience stores and retailers across Sweden. Recently, the company has increasingly focused on its sustainability work. Earlier this year, a collaboration was started with the recycling app Bower, to reward users who recycle their ice cream packaging.

Now the company is taking the next step in its sustainability commitment. To increase awareness on emissions generated by the products and the business both internally and with customers, Triumf enters a collaboration with CarbonCloud – the world’s largest food product database of high-accuracy carbon footprints that enables food companies to calculate emissions throughout the entire supply chain.

Moa Frisk, Marketing Manager at Triumf Glass
To continue reducing our emissions, we need to work together; therefore transparency towards our customers and suppliers is a high priority for us. The collaboration with CarbonCloud is a great fit because it will simplify the analysis of our climate footprints and find more ways to reduce it
says Moa Frisk, Marketing Manager at Triumf Glass.

Just like Triumf Glass, CarbonCloud is a Gothenburg-based company that works with some of the largest food companies in the world.

We are delighted to be collaborating with Triumf Glass. Their ambitious climate goals and dedication to sustainability are inspiring, and so is their pursuit of transparency in the supply chain and emissions reduction. Together we will show the way towards a positive change in everyone's favorite ice cream
says David Bryngelsson, CEO and founder of CarbonCloud.

About Triumf Glass

Triumf Glass AB is a Swedish family company with production and headquarters in Sävedalen, just outside Gothenburg. Triumf Glass produces 17.5 million liters of ice cream annually and has a turnover of approximately SEK 500 million. Through their history as a family business, which stretches all the way back to 1946, Triumf Glass has deep knowledge of glass manufacturing and product quality. Triumf Glass AB is today BRC-certified and certified according to ISO 14001. The company has 95 employees and a market share of 20%. Triumf Glass currently collaborates with several well-known brands such as Mars, Snickers, Nestlé, Dumle, Fazer, Mövenpick, Glenn Strömberg.