CarbonCloud Product Updates – February 2024

Product Updates

It’s Oscars season – Might we nominate CarbonCloud for this month’s shift to climate footprints that are so high-definition they break new ground?

Climate Footprints in High Definition

Climate footprints in ClimateHub are getting the HD treatment! Our climate data now include more decimals, hence higher precision, across the board. Our technical report and change log will now display two or more extra decimals, ensuring you have the most accurate information at your fingertips. The increased decimals will be most noticeable in climate footprint estimates, providing you with a more detailed understanding of the data.

Two decimals in ClimateHub

At the same time, the overall appearance of ClimateHub’s labels will remain largely unchanged. We’ve made sure that the user experience remains seamless while incorporating these exciting updates. So, you can continue to navigate ClimateHub with ease!

Climate footprint of banana muffin
Climate footprint of pasta

Our API users can access the full resolution of up to 10 decimals! However, the same number of decimals as ClimateHub will be displayed on your website integration to balance data accuracy and usability!

So go forth, try out the climate footprints in HD, and dive into a pool of high-precision climate data!