Moma Foods Partners with CarbonCloud to Drive Sustainable Impact

Oat drink company MOMA foods partners with CarbonCloud

We’re pleased to announce our partnership with UK-based Oat drink company MOMA Foods. This collaboration marks a significant step towards achieving MOMA’s mission of offering well-sourced, great-tasting products, while minimizing their carbon footprint and ensuring a transparent supply chain.

CarbonCloud empowers food companies to calculate the carbon footprint of their products, within the entire supply chain. With its robust scientific integrity and an extensive database of accurate carbon footprints across all supply chain stages, CarbonCloud was the natural choice for MOMA Foods.

Peter Joubert, Managing director at MOMA foods
"We are thrilled to join forces with CarbonCloud. Their innovative platform will enable us to take our sustainability efforts to new heights. We trust in CarbonCloud's scientific credibility and its commitment to robust sustainability action. With their support, we can achieve a transparent supply chain and set ambitious sustainability targets that reflect our commitment."
said Peter Joubert, Managing Director at MOMA Foods

MOMA Foods prioritize sourcing their oats locally, and are mindful of emissions, with less than 100 miles from farm to factory. With CarbonCloud as a launchpad, MOMA Foods aim to establish an emissions baseline and develop strategic sustainability initiatives towards their 2035 and 2050 net-zero goals. MOMA Foods are currently assessing the climate impact of their oat drink portfolio and, in the future, aim to label their oat drinks with a transparent climate footprint. They will also look to assess the climate impact of its entire product portfolio.

CarbonCloud’s CEO and co-founder, David Bryngelsson, PhD, welcomed MOMA Foods into the CarbonCloud community and highlighted the growing trend of climate work across companies of all sizes.

We are delighted to have MOMA Foods on board. It's inspiring to see companies like MOMA recognize the importance of climate action and embrace sustainable practices. Together, we can make a significant impact on reducing GHG emissions.
says David Bryngelsson.

About MOMA Foods

MOMA was started back in 2006 by founder Tom in a railway arch in South East London. Ever since, we’ve been obsessed with oats dedicating ourselves to bringing delicious and nutritious premium porridge oats and oat drinks to the masses. Today, you can find MOMA oat products in your favourite supermarkets and health food shops as well as lots of lovely cafes and independent shops nationwide.