CarbonCloud Product Updates – January 2024

Product Updates

It’s 2024, the year ESG reporting for food and beverage companies enters its sophisticated era. CarbonCloud ushers this with new ESG reporting features and data aggregations. This year, the motto is more, faster!

Average market footprints are here!

So your products are manufactured in one country but distributed to multiple markets? There’s a climate footprint just for them! Products with a singular production process but multiple countries for distribution with varying sales volumes in each now have a single climate footprint – and the single report that goes with it.

Market average product report in CarbonCloud

If, for example, your pasta is produced in Germany, is leading the market in Sweden, and just breaking into Finland, you can consolidate its climate impact into a single number – and show the goods that back it up in ClimateHub.

You can have your single footprint by adding all the individual market canvases in a new canvas. In the new canvas, go to the Canvas settings from the cogwheel icon. Select the Multi-market product and add the market locations in the box. Add the weighed average for each product and submit for review!

Simplified ESG reporting with CarbonCloud

Too many systems? Too many metrics? Too much data collection, too much data disaggregation? We want to help! CarbonCloud can already provide your full Scope 3 data, FLAG-separated emissions for your SBTi FLAG baseline and we are creating what we hope will be the be all, end all ESG dashboard.

So don’t waste a minute shaping CarbonCloud’s ESG reporting dashboard with all the metrics and aggregations you need! Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to get your Scope 3 data or to discuss your ESG reporting needs.

Faster, faster!

CarbonCloud is ready to take the experience of managing large portfolios to new heights! Our team has enhanced performance and graced our platform with lightning-fast response speeds. Whether you have hundreds or thousands of items, our upgraded system can handle it all effortlessly and be your snappy product footprint management assistant!

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