CarbonCloud Community Newsletter – January 2024

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New year, new newsletter! Welcome to the fresh January edition of CarbonCloud’s community newsletter, with the latest food industry trends, sustainability tips and knowledge.


The global net-zero standard for the food system

At the tail of COP28, FAO released Part 1 of the 1.5 °C roadmap for the agri-food system transformation. The food industry now has a sector standard with a global buy-in for net zero across 10 domains. Check out the overview of the FAO 1.5°C Roadmap!

FLAG targets are required for all retailers and food-producing companies with SBTi. Join the webinar with Dr. David Bryngelsson to gain confidence in the FLAG requirements and target-setting.

Discover the top ESG reporting solutions in our expert guide! Why is software important, what are the benefits, and the key technology behind it? Find out how to choose the right ESG provider.

This year, ESG reporting in F&B enters its sophisticated era. CarbonCloud ushers this with new ESG reporting features and data aggregations. This year, the motto is more, faster!

We welcome Bidfood, the UK foodservice leader, to the community! Bidfood takes a leap towards its ambitious targets with Product Carbon Footprints across the supply chain.