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An actionable

for the food industry to find and hit

the global climate targets

The largest players in the food industry are committing to net zero. While this commitment is setting the direction for our sector, the way towards it can still be unclear: Net zero is not as straight forward for the food industry as it is for others. As a result, companies of any size operating in the food and beverage sector find themselves in climate action paralysis.

We developed this net-zero handbook for the food industry, to lead food product owners and brands to own their climate strategy, create a climate action roadmap tailored to their operations, and fully integrate their climate strategy into their core business.

But first, we need to talk about the scope itself, “net-zero”… After we clarify what this means for the food system, the guide will walk you through 3 levels and the 10 steps that will get your organization to reach your climate targets.


Level 1: Strategize
   1. Measure your baseline
   2. Set company targets
   3. Budget for your goals
Level 2: Implement
   4. Build internal resources
   5. Dig deeper in Scope 3
   6. Decarbonize
   7. Rethink product development
Level 3: Improve
   8. Monitor continuously, report often
   9. Keep innovation close
   6. Communicate

Download the guide and find your way