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Climate footprints are a usual metric. But the “usual” climate footprints are static and calculated with different parameters and system boundaries. So, while the “usual” climate footprint can be informative for a food company the different calculation methods within the food system render the different climate footprints outdated and incomparable – and unactionable.

A climate-footprint universe that embraces the entire food system

The LCA universe is built for experts – there are simply too many decisions to make for a food industry player. The methodological decisions in the CarbonCloud calculation universe were taken to help the food industry to take business decisions along their supply chain and how the global food system can come into the service of emissions reductions.

Allocation, mechanisms, system boundaries were selected to show food producers what they can do to reduce emissions at every stage of the supply chain and consumers what the climate cost of the product in front of them is. At the same time, CarbonCloud’s methodology retains conformity with the globally accepted standards.

Explore the system boundaries of CarbonCloud's climate footprint calculations.

Powered by a database of 50,000+ comparable climate footprints

To calculate the climate footprint of a food product at store shelf, an LCA can simply include the relevant mechanisms and the specific ingredients used. But how can food producers reduce that climate footprint without taking action on the existing mechanisms and inventory?

To lower the climate footprint of a food product at store shelf, food producers need to compare and choose among alternative mechanisms and ingredients that make the difference in the final climate footprint.

That is exactly what the CarbonCloud library provides: The climate footprint of food products at store shelf, every crop globally, intermediate ingredients, packaging materials, energy use, and transportation methods – all calculated with the same parameters, all embedded in the platform and ready to use straight out of the box.

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Who needs comparability among climate footprints?

It doesn't take months to get your hands on your emissions map – really. Let computers do the calculations and focus on making your products climate-smart and letting the world know


Consumers can take informed decisions based on their climate budget of choice, see the actual emissions of the product in front of them, and compare food products fairly. 


Retailers have climate targets to hit and lots of Scope 3 data to collect. Food manufacturers that can provide comparable climate footprints can stand out as the climate-advanced option from the get-go.

Food manufacturers

When price and quality of ingredients are on par, the climate footprint of your ingredient can become the reason food brands select you. Plus, with the brands on board, climate footprint exchange is instant, automatic, and real-time.

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