Automate your emissions map. Start managing instead

Launch your net zero strategy on actionable, portfolio-wide climate performance data from your supply chain's digital twin.


Thousands of climate footprints in weeks

Your emissions map, quicker than ever

Tens, hundreds, thousands of products? Fast, automatic calculations at scale is what software is for. Get your emissions baseline for your entire portfolio in weeks and with minimal data input.

Set meaningful goals – act with an impact

Forget about narrative-driven targets and leverage the results of being data-driven. Pinpoint the most impactful areas for improvement and set quantitative reduction targets you can actually reach.

A digital twin for every product

Ground your climate work on a robust launchpad. Let technology automate the measurements – Put your resources on managing the climate performance of every product in its digital twin and increase data definition as you go.


1: The most accurate engine for quick, automated mapping of greenhouse gas emissions for large food portfolios and supply chains.

2: The replacement of manual life cycle assessment.

3: The complete and automated emissions map of a food product portfolio


Let computers do what they do best

Leave the calculating to the engine made for the job and focus on what you do best – strategize and act on insights.
Input: The data you work with on a daily

No need to go hunting for data. Simply list the portfolio data you already know by heart – product name, ingredients, country of origin, GTIN number – and Initial Mapping will do the rest.

Processing: Automated emissions mapping

Automated mapping's Natural Language Processing engine scans your data input and runs it through CarbonCloud's advanced climate footprint dataset. The engine programmatically matches each product to its supply chain model and calculates its climate footprint at store shelf.

Insights: Full emissions profile of your portfolio

Gain instant intelligence, identify hotspots, set quantitative targets, increase data definition, and start the reduction work!


Start reducing your emissions

Measuring your emissions is a big task but it’s just the beginning. Ready to drop the formalities and move from baseline to reduction?

kg CO₂e

What they say

From my initial phone call, I knew that CarbonCloud was the right partner for us. They are as fast-moving as we are and understand the importance of our mission. They were supportive every step of the way, from helping us identify the data we needed to collect to teaching us how to use the modelling platform. We really have developed a great partnership, one that will long continue.

Emily Gander, Head of Comms & Sustainability at TENZING Natural Energy

What they say

We wanted to impact consumers to drive the change and understand the climate footprint of food. That’s why we decided to calculate the climate footprint of our products with CarbonCloud: To focus on the number that drives this change. For me, printing the climate footprints of each product is the way of helping consumers and ourselves as food brands.

Annika Hansson, Sustainability Reporting Senior Manager, Oatly



This shan't take long...

Ready to meet your portfolio emissions? Let us automate it

Getting started is hard – Simplify it with Automated mapping and jump straight to the action. Reach out to our climate performance experts and see how you can jumpstart your climate strategy.

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