Mycorena partners with CarbonCloud for creating climate transparency of mycoprotein production

Mycorena, the Scandinavian mycoprotein pioneer, joins forces with CarbonCloud, the climate impact assessment SaaS platform, to map out the climate footprint of their products. This will make them the first among the rising community of new mycoprotein producers to go completely climate transparent from conception.

Few have insight into this innovative technology of mycoprotein production and its true potential for addressing global challenges, such as the climate crisis. Thanks to Mycorena’s commitment to transparency it will now become visible just how impactful it can be. More particularly, how mycoprotein is central to creating a more sustainable global food system.

For us, it’s extremely important that we can provide an ingredient that offers real benefits to the climate. If it does not, there’s really no sense in making it. So far, most mycoprotein companies that are arising in the market rely on literature data or in processes that are not their own. We wanted to look into our own process, in a transparent and realistic way, even before we start running an industrial scale production.
Says Paulo Teixera, Ph.D.
Chief Innovation Officer, Mycorena

With the climate impact assessment from CarbonCloud, Mycorena has been able to understand the climate performance of a unique production process using cutting-edge dynamic software tools. According to both companies, this is the path to build the future of food and the way to challenge the rest of the industry to become climate-smart.

Emissions tracking and monitoring puts Mycorena at the forefront of B2B suppliers. With more food brands and retailers setting climate targets and with climate risk assessment entering the core business strategy of giants, climate assessment is set to be a standard procurement entry point.

Utilizing CarbonCloud’s real-time, high-fidelity and detailed climate footprint assessments future-proofs and accelerates the mycoprotein pioneer’s uptake of the market. David Bryngelsson, CEO at CarbonCloud testifies:

What makes Mycorena a leader to the core is that it has recognized earlier than most that climate performance is equal to technological performance and business growth. I am convinced that looking under the hood of Promyc® production and climate performance is a sharp glimpse of how mainstream food production will look in merely a few years – Mycorena is among the food industry leaders transforming innovation and climate performance into business-as-usual.
David Bryngelsson, Ph.D
Founder & CEO, CarbonCloud

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    Mycorena began mapping their emissions in CarbonCloud’s SaaS platform as early as 2021 at their pilot production site. Since then, Mycorena has been continuously identifying previously unknown areas of improvement via actionable emissions insights from mapping their unique process. The dynamic results make a significant contribution in terms of both ensured scalability of their process and a decreased climate footprint in the future.

    Both Mycorena and CarbonCloud believe that putting the results from this collaboration study into a global perspective can create a best-in-class climate performance compared to other ingredient suppliers in the plant-based food industry.

    The core of our technology, and products, relies on our ambition to create an impact on how food is produced today. With this new collaborative effort with CarbonCloud, we can now detail the climate impact of our production process, keeping even the smaller steps in focus. And in the larger picture, it can showcase how Promyc®, our mycoprotein can make a difference compared to all other traditional and market available food protein ingredients.
    Ramkumar Nair, Ph.D.
    Founder & CEO, Mycorena

    About CarbonCloud

    CarbonCloud translates systematic climate knowledge into an easy-to-use platform for food companies to calculate, chart, and improve their climate impact – throughout the supply chain, through time, and with primary data. Food companies can transparently communicate their climate performance in numbers to consumers who, in turn, can compare the climate impact of their food with a fair, common yardstick. CarbonCloud’s customer portfolio includes some of the most progressive food companies from all over the world and was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden by climate researchers.

    Visit their website for more information:

    Contact information

    Sofia Pyrgioti
    Content Developer, CarbonCloud
    +46 70 790 98 85

    About Mycorena

    Mycorena is one of Europe’s fastest growing food-tech companies and uses biotechnology to develop innovative food solutions that contribute to a more sustainable future. They have developed their flagship product, Promyc, a unique fungi-based protein source produced through fermentation using a proprietary process. A new healthy protein ingredient that can be produced in the most resource-efficient and sustainable way.

    Mycorena is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, where Mycorena Innovation and Development Centre, their demo facility, is also located. During 2022, they will continue to scale up notably, with their first commercial production facility being completed in Falkenberg.

    Contact information

    Ella Meyner
    Marketing & Communications Manager
    +46 073 509 78 00