Climate labels at Biathlon World Championships

The Swedish Biathlon Federation collaborates with CarbonCloud for the 2019 IBU World Championships that are held in Östersund, Sweden, 7th to 17th of March.

It is a natural step for us to work with the climate impact of food at our events, since it is such a significant contributor to the climate problem. Climate change is an important issue for us, since we depend on cold winters to practice our sport, says Ulf von Sydow, sustainability group at 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships.

Climate change is a big issue for winter sports as precious training days are lost each year due to the warming climate. As a part in their sustainability efforts and to increase their focus on climate change the Swedish Biathlon Federation decided to use CarbonCloud as an official supplier during the 2019 IBU World Championships. All food that is served to the athletes, the staff, and the press, is climate-footprint calculated in CarbonCloud’s menu planning tool CarbonAte, and climate-labelled menus are displayed in the restaurants.

We are happy that the Swedish Biathlon Federation take the climate issue seriously and help everyone who works at the event to choose climate smart food, says David Bryngelsson, CEO CarbonCloud. Food is normally, together with the personal trips to and from the event, the largest contributor to climate change for this type of event. Yet food is the activity where it is easiest to make climate smart choices, as long as those who choose what to eat have access to climate footprint information.

For more information, please contact:

Ulf von Sydow, Sustainability group at 2019 IBU Biathlon World Championships

David Bryngelsson, CEO CarbonCloud
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