The Grocer’s
Complete Guide to
Emissions Reporting

No sustainable grocer wants to constantly produce reports. The Grocer’s Complete Guide to Emissions Reporting was created to put the “Which ESG standard?” question to rest and enable grocers to focus on sustainable action.

A robust stance against climate change has been a must-have for European and American grocers for at least the last 5 years. Market forces, consumer attitudes, investor pressure, and the grocers’ own risk analysis have driven rapid growth of emissions strategies and sustainability budgets among grocers.

The vast majority of the largest European and American grocers already report based on a line-up of different standards. As markets introduce mandatory climate disclosures, reporting standards are piling up and compliant ESG reporting is turning into an objective in itself.

This guide was designed to help grocers refocus from complying with reporting requirements to real climate action. Untangle all the ESG acronyms, see what applies to grocers, and most importantly, understand what is a must with each standard.

Download The Grocer’s Guide to Emissions Reporting and simplify your ESG reporting