Meet the climate transparency audience

The Brits talking about the climate impact of food

What would climate- transparent communication look like if it was data- driven? We tuned in to the digital discussions on climate transparency and mapped out the climate-sensitive audience.

Who are the climate-conscious consumers? What do they expect to hear from brands? What are their sentiments and what are they most likely to respond to? Overall, who will vote for climate transparency with their wallet and why?

To bridge this knowledge gap, the Knowvember movement issued a social listening report on the UK’s consumer awareness and understanding of the climate impact of food.

Download or ebook and find out what the climate-conscious consumers talk about and how to effectively engage them.

An overview

    1. Who is talking about the climate impact of food?
    2. Who is talking about climate footprint labels?
    3. How does the audience feel about climate footprint labels?
    4. What are the most discussed topics?
    5. What strategies can you employ to earn the trust of the climate-conscious audience?

Cover-climate-transparency audience

Download the ebook and listen in on consumer discussions!