SBTi FLAG for the Food Industry: How to get ready

JANUARY 25TH, 2024

Since April 2023, climate targets based on SBTi’s Forest, Land, and Agriculture Guidance (FLAG) are required for all retailers, food-producing companies, and their engaged suppliers. FLAG emissions are notoriously challenging to calculate and isolate, and even more so to set quantified targets on.

In this webinar, Dr David Bryngelsson and Sofia Pyrgioti walk you through the food industry timeline, explain the target-setting requirements, and share expert tips.

About the speakers


Dr David Bryngelsson

Dr. David Bryngelsson is a researcher, climate change thought leader, CEO and Founder of CarbonCloud. David completed his PhD in climate change mitigation at Chalmers University of Technology. Today, he steers CarbonCloud empowering the food system to reduce emissions with the most accurate climate data and shares solutions in fora across the world.


Sofia Pyrgioti

Sofia Pyrgioti is a sustainability communications specialist and content developer at CarbonCloud. Sofia has served as an editor in digital and print media before moving as an in-house communications expert in the sustainability domain. These days, Sofia ensures that the food industry shares CarbonCloud’s collective knowledge on climate change mitigation.

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