The Challenges of Reporting Scope 3 Emissions in the Food Industry


Scope 3 emissions contribute a significant percentage of the carbon footprint for most food companies’, often contributing up to 70-90% of their overall carbon footprint. The complex nature of food supply chains, coupled with the diverse food production methods, intensifies the complexity of collecting input data for calculating these emissions with meaningful accuracy. 

Enhance your understanding of Scope 3 emissions and how to implement effective strategies for a greener and more sustainable future.

About the speakers


Dr David Bryngelsson

Dr. David Bryngelsson is a researcher, climate change thought leader, CEO and Founder of CarbonCloud. David completed his PhD in climate change mitigation at Chalmers University of Technology. Today, he steers CarbonCloud empowering the food system to reduce emissions with the most accurate climate data and shares solutions in fora across the world.

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