The 6 most frequent misconceptions about the climate impact of food

In lieu of industry-wide climate transparency, most consumers are left to their own devices to conclude what food is climate-friendly and what isn’t. Are they right?

With the Knowvember social listening report, we listened in on  the climate discussions Brits are having about food in every corner of the internet. 

In this ebook, we present the most frequently discussed topics, the facts (they don’t call it climate science for nothing!), how you can engage the climate-conscious consumer base on the topics and help them make informed choices.

An overview of the most discussed misconceptions

    1. “We all have to go vegan”
    2. “Climate footprints are to hard to calculate and implement”
    3. “Climate-transparent products cost more”
    4. “Choosing local is the climate-smart option”
    5. “As long as it’s organic, it’s good”
    6. “Plastic packaging should be avoided at all times”
Ebook: The 6 most frequent misconceptions on the climate impact of food

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