Emissions mapping in supply chain carboncloud


Facts, not feelings. Drive impactful reduction initiatives.

Whether you are looking to reach your sustainability targets or gain competitive advantage, own your climate performance throughout every stage of the supply chain. Take reduction initiatives with a real impact and manage your climate footprint from farm to shelf.


Visibly lower your climate footprint with every initiative

Instantly pinpoint hotspots & hit it big

Place your reduction time and budget where it matters. Find the hotspots in your digital twin or portfolio, focus your reduction initiatives for the largest possible impact, and see your climate footprint drop.

Did you know?

TENZING Natural Energy reduced its climate footprint by 23%! See how.

Find emissions hotspots in food with CarbonCloud
Emissions mapping in supply chain carboncloud

Climate-smart from the start

Got a new product in the pipeline? See how it performs before you go into production. Model new products, test out different processes and ingredients, discover optimal scenarios, and develop new products that are climate-optimized from conception.

Our emissions map is a living thing for us. We started at 2.1 kg of CO2e per kg and we entered the market with 1.5, already saving 0.6 kg of CO2e per kg.

Dr Sara Marquart
CTO and Co-Founder, Planet A Foods

Net-zero is setting the direction for the food industry but the roadmap toward it is still unclear. We developed this net-zero handbook for the food industry, to lead food producers and brands to create a reductions roadmap tailored to their operations.

Encourage & track supplier reductions

The majority of emissions for food comes from the supply chain. Get your suppliers onboard, increase the visibility of your emissions, and seamlessly exchange climate information with each other. Monitor how your suppliers perform on climate targets and procure the most climate-smart ingredients. Did your suppliers lower their climate footprint? The update will instantly roll over to reduce the climate footprint of your product.

The majority of your emissions

Upstream supply chain emissions, or Scope 3, amount to more than 80% of total emissions for FMCG brands.

Engage food suppliers with emissions data


Share your commitment & results with the world!

You have a robust, science-backed emissions baseline, you are driving reduction initiatives and you would keep it to yourself? Share your climate footprint with the world and earn trust and loyalty.

This shan't take long...

Ready to reduce your emissions? Get your map in a few days.

Getting started is hard – Simplify it with Automated mapping and jump straight to the action. Reach out to our climate performance experts and see how you can jumpstart data-driven emissions reductions.