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Hey Oatly – Show us your climate strategy!

Oatly is a global inspiration regarding its climate strategy and communication. Since its initial boom, Oatly made noise challenging the entire food industry to show their numbers...

Automated mapping

How the food industry stopped the LCA and loved machine learning

Here are the facts:– In 1969, Life Cycle Assessment was born, measuring the climate impact of the CocaCola packaging. 53 years later...

mandatory climate-related disclosures
Mandatory climate disclosures

The Complete Guide to National Climate Disclosures

Starting 2023, 35 nations and regions are rolling out mandatory climate disclosures. How is your company affected?

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One thing for us to say “a product cannot be carbon neutral” and expect you to take our word for it and another to present the facts. So we took the time to present the full ar

Making a climate footprint assessment can sometimes be difficult. The easy case is when you have one piece of land that produces one product. In those cases, you just sum up all em

Third-party verification is an important confidence boost in your climate footprints and strategy. So no wonder we get questions about it! Our clients –and their clients– are i

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