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Hey Oatly – Show us your climate strategy!

Oatly is a global inspiration regarding its climate strategy and communication. Since its initial boom, Oatly made noise challenging the entire food industry to show their numbers...

Sustainability labeled products take 56% of market growth
Carbon labels

Sustainability claims: A 56% growth opportunity for food producers and retailers

Attributing sustainability claims to sales growth has been a year-long quest with loose results for the food industry. A new market report puts the quest to rest, providing 5-year-long evidence that...

SBTi FLAG Forest land and agriculture targets
The food edition

How to set SBTi FLAG targets

Forest, Land and Agriculture targets are becoming mandatory for food companies, wholesalers and grocers with SBTi targets

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One thing for us to say “a product cannot be carbon neutral” and expect you to take our word for it and another to present the facts. So we took the time to present the full ar

The terms Scope 1,2,3 emissions are casually thrown around in the sustainability space – a bit too casually if you ask us. If you didn’t Google it the first time you heard

Emissions disclosures are becoming mandatory in 35 nations and markets representing 56% of the global GDP but there is one market that has been causing quite a stir. The European U

The Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) Recommendations is the shadow ruler of ESG reporting. While the name “TCFD” may not ring a bell to everyone, the

SBTi is the Pete Davidson of Sustainability Standards: rapidly and consistently up-and-coming, charming and approachable, a must-have for aspirational influencers, and fresh in the

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    Third-party verification is an important confidence boost in your climate footprints and strategy. So no wonder we get questions about it! Our clients –and their clients– are i