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Access thousands of climate footprints for food through the use of our API. Get started for free!

Grocery shopping with a carbon footprint budget


Build on our extensive database

Superpower your app with thousands of high fidelity climate footprints for food products.

You develop a menu planner, diet app, climate campaign or something we can’t even dream of – we fill it with solid climate data.

  • Keep your users up to date with live climate footprints for food.
  • Calculate the climate footprints of recipes using CarbonCloud’s ingredient data.
  • Help your users compare foods.
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We provide world-class research-backed climate footprints

CarbonCloud is based on a biophysical model that has been developed during more than 20 years of scientific endeavors.

Using primary data or benchmarks, the model calculates scope 3 climate footprints quickly with the highest degree of accuracy.

Our database continuously expands through the work of our in-house science team and networked model.

Read more about our science.


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Get started using our API for free.

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