About us

The science behind food and climate change is hard, but the decisions that have to be made to fight it are easy. CarbonCloud is founded and run by leading researchers on food and climate change who dedicate their lives to provide you with accurate and comprehensible information about the climate impact from your choices. Regardless of whether you are a chef, a restaurant guest, a food producer, or an end consumer. We help you understand and help you learn that making climate-smart choices is easy.

The team behind CarbonCloud combines decades of cutting edge climate impact research with long business executive and entrepreneurship experience. The services are developed and provided using state-of-the-art cloud computing technologies.

Here are a few of us:

David Bryngelsson
Chief Executive Officer
Mikael Tönnberg
Chief Technology Officer

Emma Jonson
Ph.D., Engineer
Håkan Axelsson
Chairman of the Board
Stefan Wirsenius
Scientific Expert
Fredrik Hedenus
Chief Scientific Officer