8 Tracks to Win the Race to Net-Zero

The food industry executive's

Climate Performance Roadmap

The world is racing to transform into a net-zero economy and industries are responding to the change. Automotive and logistics are electrifying, the energy sector is going renewable, a $130 trillion capital is committed to the net-zero transition.

Why is the food industry lagging behind?
Food supply chains are deeper and calculating emissions for food products is more complex than in other sectors.

What’s the plan?
This model was developed to answer this question for the food industry. It provides executives with a day-to-day roadmap to develop the maturity of their climate performance – successfully and sustainably.

The roadmap unfolds in 8 tracks, covering strategy and intelligence architecture, target setting and tracking, and drivers along the supply chain as well as own operations.

What’s in it for me?
At the end of this model, food industry executives have the insights to orchestrate their climate strategy, manage climate performance, and secure the winning spot for their organization on the global race to net zero.

Download the guide and get in on the race