CarbonCloud releases massive amounts of climate footprints for free

We have released massive amounts of climate footprints for free

Global warming is one of the biggest environmental challenges right now and food production is responsible for one-quarter of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. In this context, CarbonCloud is launching a website where you can find country-specific climate footprints of annual crops from all over the world, as a first important step towards publishing climate footprints for all food products. To enable informed choices for sustainability-engaged producers and consumers we are providing it all for free, in stark contrast to most climate data, which does not exist at all or is hidden behind expensive paywalls.

“Until now, calculating climate footprints have been a cumbersome and slow manual process. We’re using modern technology to solve the problems of the future, automating the calculation process and handing it over to computers. This allows us to calculate massive amounts of footprints simultaneously with consistent quality.” – David Bryngelsson, CEO at CarbonCloud.” – David Bryngelsson, CEO at CarbonCloud